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Motivation is a key to any successful people management role. If you can encourage, persuade or develop your people in such ways as to improve their effectiveness, then the role of manager is seen as successful.

This course will provide the managers some useful knowledge and skills in order to motivate their staff effectively and helping them be successful with the company.
Designed for:
This course is valuable for managers and above especially those with responsibility for managing the performance of others.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the important link between motivation and performance.
  • Address key factors that impact the staffs’ motivation.
  • Know what the manager should do to motivate employees effectively.
  • Handle some demotivating situations.

Course Content:

Finding employee’s motivation

  • Definition of motivation
  • Motivation and Performance
  • What makes employees motivated

The role of manager in motivation

  • How employees are motivated
  • Manager in actions
Practice- Handling some demotivating situations

Meet your trainer: Ms. Vu Lai Doan Trang

Ms Trang has over 33 years of experience working in different industries: Production, Finance, Hospitality, and FMCG. She has held Senior Management and Senior Trainer positions of some companies:

Sheraton Saigon Hotel & Towers

Training & Development Director

Jardine Restaurant Group

Training & Development Manager

Young Businesspeople Association (YBA)

Training Manager

American International Assurance (AIA)

Training Design & Development Leader

Vifon Company

Production Manager

South Basic Chemicals JSC

R&D Specialist

Ms Trang provides effective solutions to organisations by delivering tailored and professional training programmes.

She takes a keen personal interest in the development of her students and strives to provide the best possible courses leading to long term excellence in the workplace.

Her experience in conducting soft skills and leadership programmes as well as her management background, makes her one of CTS’ most popular and valued trainers.

Duration: 15 October 2021 (2 sessions)
Platform: Zoom cloud meeting
Language: Vietnamese
Trainer: Ms. Vu Lai Doan Trang
Fee: 1,700,000 per participant
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